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We carry every piece of pre-school furniture you need for children. Our  products are perfect to use as daycare furniture, kindergarten furniture or furniture in a home school or early educational setting.
For multiple piece orders, please contact us. A custom quote can save you 5%, 15% or more!

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Adjustable Height Activity Table - Various Shapes
Adjustable Height Activity Table - Various Shapes
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Ladderback Wood Chairs
Ladderback Wood Chairs
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Mahar Split Bucket Chair
Mahar Split Bucket Chair
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Tiny Tots Loft - 12-24 Months  W/Bins
Tiny Tots Loft - 12-24 Months W/Bins
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Toddler Coat Locker W/Step - 5 Sections - With Clear Trays
Toddler Coat Locker W/Step - 5 Sections - With Clear Trays
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Twin Trim Lockers -16 Sections
Twin Trim Lockers -16 Sections
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Preschool Furniture | Daycare Furniture | Preschool Tables | Preschool Chairs

Our staff has done their best to assort our preschool furniture store with all the furniture and decor items that are needed in preschool, daycare, kindergarten and Sunday school settings. Our assortment has been developed based on feedback on preschools and is designed to have every piece of daycare furniture needed in an environment dealing with children. We are sure you will find all the preschool furnishings needed in daily school life including preschool tables, preschool chairs, preschool desks and naptime mats and cots

Preschool Desks and Workstations:

Our preschool workstations and desks are sized right for children in kindergarten or daycare. The chairs are at just the right height and are proportioned perfectly for their little bodies which allow children of pre-school age to learn and grow.

Storage Cubbies and Preschool Lockers:

Our assortment of prechool storage cubbies is really second to none. Our cubbies and lockers are tailored to the heights of children and are designed to hold clothes and school items that they need to do their school work.

Cuddly Animals and Cushions:

Young ones love things that are cuddly, especially animals. We've created an entire assortment of cuddly stuffed animals and Boppy Baby cushions that not only provide physical support but emotional support as little ones adapt to being away from parents. All these cushions have been created with little ones in mind.

Floor Cushions:

Our floor cushion selection is absolutely wonderful. The children will especially love our giant animal floor cushions as they are swallowed up by animals of all sorts. We all know preschoolers love animals and they will certainly love these gentle giant floor cushions so much so that you might have a hard time getting them out of them.

Dramatic Play

Dramatic play and educational play are critical in developing preschoolers personalities and confidence. We've created what we consider to be on of the best dramatic and educational play assortments in the industry and we know you will agree when you take a look at what we have. Some of our dramatic play furniture for playtime include:

Puppet Theatre Multi Play Screen

2 in 1 Kinder Kitchen for children

Floor Mats, Activity Mats and Play Mats:

A day of play can be tough, especially when hard floors are involved. However, with our soft floor mats we can help you eliminate boo boos from floor play and concentrate on educating young ones. These soft floor mats for preschoolers are bright, educational and just plain fun to play on.

Teachers Furniture:

Along with specializing in preschool furniture, we also carry a full line of teachers furniture to make the day comfortable and fun.

First Aid Couches:

When boo boos do happen, we have a full assortment of first aid couches that are perfectly right sized for pre-schoolers. It can be scary going to the nurse and when the bed or cot is huge it can be even scarier. These proportionally correct couches make sure that little ones are comfortable and safe.

Sensory Play

You can see how fun using our sensory play furniture is just by looking at the faces of the children using it. We have water bins for boats and sand bins for those children who like to drive small trucks and machines thru the snad as they imagine constructing a child's wonderland

Literature Storage

If you have books then you need storage. Whether for home use or public use, our literature storage stands up to the rough play and use by children. Some of our bookshelves can be stacked and most are perfect for the thinner type of pre-reader books that come with preschools and nursery schools.

Changing Tables

When you have the right equipment, changing diapers is an easy job. Our changing tables are the perfect height for bending over little ones and helping you finish their business.

Art Tables and Art Furniture

Preschool art can be messy and our pre school art furniture helps to keep things neat and make cleanup a breeze. When you check out our website, check out these other areas as we have a fantastic selection: Wood Tables Preschool Cots Lofts Activity Tables Preschool Carpets Art Tables and Art Furniture Lounge Furniture

We love to hear from our customers.  Typically people think we are simply the best company that they have ever worked with in terms of customer service and we hope you think so as well.  If you ever want to contact us you can reach us at:

22 Greeley St., Building 6, Merrimack NH, 03054
Our phone number is (866) 213-3670 and our email address is  

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Jonti-Craft® Glider Rocker W/Olive Cushions
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